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Anansi & Turtle's Feast (07:12) Amy Friedman Mother Holly (07:53) Beatrice Bowles/Sara MacLean
The Angel's Wings (10:42) Susan Stone Mouton & Garlique (07:00) Andrea Lovett
Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller's Teacher (07:48) Kate Carney My Sister Margaret (18:46) Tom McCabe
The Ape and the Firefly (04:46) Lynn Ruehlmann My Sister, The Cat Lady (06:56) A.J. Mungo
The Archer (04:06) Angela Cay Klingler Myrtle the Turtle (06:34) Voices of Illusion
Banyan Tree Tale (spooky) (07:59) Jeff Gere Needles, the Adirondack Porcupine (07:36) Fran Yardley
Book Report (01:50) Bill Harley Ninny John (06:14) Dagen Julty
The Boston Tea Party (10:30) Kate Carney The North Wind's Presents (07:19) Jane Yolen
The Boy and the Firefly (07:10) Antonio Rocha A Portrait of Peace (01:48) Angela Davis
The Boy Who Called Wolf (03:42) Mike Lockett Princess Firefly (13:55) Diane Edgecomb
The Boy Who Wanted a Drum (07:52) Dianne Casas & Betsy Braud The Punchbowl Bus (spooky) (13:48) Jeff Gere
The Captured Bird (05:33) Tim Van Egmond Rabbit Visits Old Flint (Native American) (06:51) Gayle Ross
Cat and the Rat (04:39) Mei-Lin Po The Real Sleeping Beauty (13:26) Judith Black
Caterina the Wise (07:32) Norah Dooley The River (09:57) Onawumi Jean Moss
The Cat's Tale (07:10) Mike Lockett Rose Petal Soup (06:34) The Story Quilters
Cinderella (17:33) Alan Irvine The Science Fair (29:16) Bill Harley
The Clever Turtle (07:56) Julie Pasqual Scratch Your Bohine (03:56) Leeny Del Seamonds
The Country Mouse & the City Mouse (09:52) Sally Crandall The Seed (05:43) Donna Jacobs Sife
Coyote's Dream (15:27) Lev Ropes A Sense of Theft (09:35) Amy Friedman
The Crystal Ball (13:57) Tom Lee She-Goat (07:47) Laura Simms
The Day the Turtle Got Its Shell (26:53) Robbi Kumalo The Sing (08:46) Lyn Ford
Delgadina (15:45) Laura Simms The Singing Pumpkin (07:06) Mike Lockett
Do Good for Yourself (05:28) Vera Oye' Yaa-Anna The Smuggler (03:42) Heather Forest
Doing the Dishes (10:08) Catherine Conant The Stonecutter (08:36) Eva Grayzel
Dollar a Minute (10:12) Pam Holcomb Tales of Kabayan (05:48) Sydney Solis
Donkey and the Lion Skin (07:23) Diane Ferlatte The Talking Eggs (16:50) Diane Ferlatte
Don't Lose Your Beat! (04:15) Robbi Kumalo Three Gold Coins (09:38) Eve Watters
The Farmer and the Snake (03:52) Norah Dooley Three Steps (04:07) Pam Holcomb
Feeding My Clothes (04:20) Vera Oye' Yaa-Anna Three Strong Women (11:08) Heather Forest
The Golden Cucumber (10:53) Sydney Solis Tony and the Donkey (08:54) Norah Dooley
The Golden Goose (12:39) Cathy Kaemmerlen Two Brothers (10:04) Yvonne Healy
Groundhog Godmother (09:28) Megan Hicks The Velveteen Rabbit (20:30) Nichole Handy
How the Beggar Boy Married the Chief's Daughter (05:36) Antonio Rocha Vergie the Mermaid (07:35) Jennifer Armstrong
The Hunchback Brothers (08:26) Noa Baum The Wax Child (12:15) Eshu Bumpus
In Sand & Stone (03:05) Donna Jacobs Sife When Chickens Talked (14:22) Antoinette Botsford
Ishiusu (13:52) Michael Katz When Did Polar Bears Learn to Dance? (08:55) Kevin Cordi
Issun Boshi (Japan) (16:01) Bob Reiser Where Has All the Garbage Gone? (09:44) Ken Galipeau
Jack and the Robbers (07:13) Ed Stivender The White Horse Girl and the Blue Wind Boy (10:02) Timmy Abell
Katora - Lord of the Wind (18:25) Judith Black The White Wolf (09:46) Margaret Jones
The Kingdom Lost for a Drop of Honey (03:44) Eve Watters Why Raven Doesn't Sing (18:56) Padraic Keohane
The Knee-High Man (07:08) Julie Pasqual The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies (11:09) The Story Quilters
The Lepodopterist and Her Three Aunties (15:03) Grace Wolbrink / Dave O'Neil Yen Lee's Feet (20:19) Judith Black
The Lion's Whisker (08:28) Jennifer Armstrong    
Little Scarface (06:30) Ed Stivender    
Little Yellow Fellow (13:50) David Novak    
Lower than a Sanke's Belly (03:52) Norah Dooley    
Magic Pomegranate (10:38) Kathy Long    
The Man in the Moon in Love (07:43) Ed Stivender    
Man Overboard (08:46) Barbara Lipke    
Manueuers Day (10:59) Ken Galipeau    
The Mermaid and the Fisherman (09:21) Betty Lehrman    
Molly and the Giant (26:38) Barbara Schutzgruber    
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